Eric Dorfman, nominated for the ICOM Executive Council

The significant vote will take place in Kyoto at the ICOM General Conference September 3rd and 4th. The vote is restricted to the voting members appointed by their National/International Committees, Regional Alliances or Affiliated Organisations who are also voting at the General Assemblies.

We would like to thank Diana Pardue for her 6-year service, representing ICOM-US on the ICOM Executive Council. Her term will end in September at the ICOM General Conference in Kyoto. We would encourage our ICOM-US colleagues on international committees to consider Eric Dorfman for this year’s election in Kyoto. 

Please check out Eric on his blog here:

A PDF version of the essential information has been produced by ICOM (supplemented by ICOM US). It can be downloaded at the following link: Eric Dorfman_ICOM Executive Council US

A message from Eric for the ICOM Executive Board 2019-2022 can be found here.